Monday, November 3, 2008

And So It Goes...

“They met in school or at some show or through mutual friends of theirs a few months ago or a couple of years ago. Something like that. They fell in love and things were great for a few months or a couple of years until she found out about something he did and was hiding from her, or until he found out about something she did and was hiding from him. They reached an impasse. Things were thrown, but neither was hurt; at least intentionally. Words were said, shouted, and then screamed, but never screamed harshly enough that the words couldn’t be taken back. He said he didn’t mean it or she said it wasn't what she meant, and then one said to the other, “I’m sorry, let’s try to make this work”. And they tried. And they did. And it worked for a few months or a couple of years until trying wasn’t good enough and she caught him doing the same thing again or he caught her at it again, and one said to the other, “That’s it, we’re really through this time; I can’t take it anymore”. But it happened again and again, the conflicts and the reconciliations, and they grew old together doing it over and over - fucking then fighting, fucking then fighting - and neither one was ever smart enough to realize that none of it would ever matter, that millions had done the same thing for years and years before them and millions will keep on doing it again and again, over and over, for years and years, until the world finally grants them all mercy and stops turning them over and over, again and again, so they might as well just stop fighting and keep fucking and enjoy it for whatever it is and however long it may last,” said Adam to Eve.
“Knock it off,” Eve said, pulling away, “I can feel Him watching us.”
“Ugh,” Adam said. “Stupid fucking fruit.”

Copyright to the author 2008.

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