Sunday, December 6, 2009

Mystery Ghost

Yesterday I went to an independent comics festival in Brooklyn called The Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival ( Knowing that a few of my favorite comix artists were going to be there, I brought a few of their books to get signed. Here is Gary Panter's autograph in his book, Cola Madnes. (You'd probably best know Gary as the designer of the original Pee Herman TV show from the 1980s, although I think his best and most memorable work has been done in comics and paintings. The man is a true inspiration, and I was honored to meet him and even chat with him for a few minutes. Strangely, he insisted that he knew me from somewhere and that we had met before. It's possible I had met him through a work-related event, but I think I'd remember that! Anyway, below the sketch of what looks like a tree-man chasing a kid on a skateboard, he wrote, "For Ryan from Gary Panter 2009"):

Next (actually Gary was the last one I met, so I'm kinda working backwards here) was Mat Brinkman, one of the original members of the now defunct art collective (if you can call it that) know as Fort Thunder which existed at RISD in Providence for a few years from the late 90s into the beginning of the current decade. Although, he hasn't been as prolific in comics since then, he's still probably my favorite from that group. Of course, I forgot to bring my copy of his book "Teratoid Heights" with me, so I bought his new, oversized (it's enormous) collection of old works called "Multiforce" for $15. Which is great, because I have never been able to find a copy and I got him to sign it for me as well. Here's the cover:

And here's his signature with a little sketch of a skull. It says "Ryan's book / skull sketch / Mat B '09":

Mat was nice and seemed fairly shy, although he smiled and nodded when I complimented him on his Mercyful Fate T-shirt. I also got a small silkscreened postcard from him for $5 along with his signature which can be found very small at the bottom of the left side in this picture:

Next up is Dash Shaw who was at the signing table shortly after I arrived. I had brought my friend's copy of his book, "Bottomless Bellybutton", to get signed for her since she couldn't make it to the show. He went all out, not only signing his name and writing "4 Cyndi" on the first page but drawing a sketch of one of the book's characters that stretched from the first page across the spine and finishing on the final page of the book. It was thrilling to stand there and watch him do this sketch. Here's the first page on which you can see the beginning of the character sketch at the bottom right corner... it continues across the spine...

...and finishes on the back page...

Of course, on the bottom spine of the book, there's more to the scene; a flag...

I thought it was really great of him to do something as intricate as all this instead of just scribbling a quick signature and then moving on to the next person. Very admirable. Anyway, Cyndi was absolutely thrilled and surprised when I gave it back to her. (She had no idea I had taken it with me to have it signed for her.)

So, that's that. What was a miserably cold and wet day outside was made much better by an afternoon spent inside at the Festival.

Oh, and aside from that, I've made a few new posts on the Mystery Ghost blog. Check it out.