Saturday, February 14, 2009


A few random accounts from the past week:

1) In the building where I work, an older man, thin and balding, stepped into the elevator carrying his lunch. As we began to move again, he opened the white Styrofoam container, picked a large piece of lettuce from his salad, and started chewing it loudly next to me like a cow chomping on grass. His mouth was open as he chewed, and all I heard was lettuce crunching and lips smacking. It was disgusting.

2) Around 8am on the F train, a large woman began to snore. She did this just after I had closed my eyes to take a nap on the way to work. It was a loud, heavy snore like rubber rubbing against rubber. It seemed peculiar to me that she would be sleeping since she was holding a magazine in front of her face which she seemed to be reading. I turned to get a good look at her. Her eyes were wide open. The snoring continued.

3) A man dressed in a business suit and carrying a briefcase rollerbladed up 43rd Street toward the west side.

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